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Why is it taking so long for our music files to be added to this

by onex101 on 2019/05/28 06:03:05 PM    
Good afternoon from Brasil

My brother Bart and I are trying to load 275000 classical tracks of music and I am trying to load 275000 of New Age music and also we each have about 3000 ebooks to load if you wish.

We see in this system that most users only show movies or some software.

We would like to see if there are any users here who would like our music.

The only problem we have is that it seems to take forever to load our files.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


by Guest on 2019/05/30 06:41:06 PM    
Hi Onex101, as you might already know Fopnu like most P2P programs likes to generate a hash for each file and this can take a fair bit of processing time depending on the security of the hash and the quantity of files , to avoid annoyance I usually add fewer files at a time and thus dont get that feeling that its going to take forever, theres an old saying about the watched kettle never seeming to boil .. : ))

All jokes aside I would suggest you start such activities just before you head off for bed and then you'll be fairly confident that the library loading will all be completed when you get up.
by potato on 2019/05/31 06:07:56 PM    
they are being processed and given hashes (for security error checking etc) so big files on a HDD can take a long time. share a few folders first and see how it works.

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