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Why does no one say anything or post anything in the chat rooms

by Guest on 2019/06/06 04:58:45 PM    
Yet they all just sit there 24/7???
by BugMagnet on 2019/06/10 01:38:28 PM    
"chatroom" aka sharing channels, are a throwback to the good old days when IRC and winMX chatrooms were very lively social gathering spaces.

File sharing typically involves computers. But the world has moved to 'smartphones'. Then came Farcebook.
by Guest on 2019/06/16 01:33:18 PM    
In many cases the room revolves around the host, a host with plenty of free time and some knowledge or a friendly personality they want to share with others are essentially the lifeblood of the chat rooms.

A good host will trust others to host the room when neccesary and build up a welcoming friendly atmosphere for fellow minded folks so they feel welcome and thats the glue of friendship that holds the room together.

Whilst some dont speak in the open room but instead use the channel to locate selected p2p fellows these make up a miniscule minority, the other silent room sitters are commonly anti social room loggers fearful of missing some snippet of gossip or information, such people bring nothing to the chats and are best ejected in favour of a genuine clientel with whom ideas, concepts, knowledge etc can be swapped and a relaxed time can be enjoyed by all, trust and friendship is built on the free enchange of ideas, opinions and beliefs, you cannot and should not try to build anything on silence.
by BugMagnet on 2019/06/20 03:58:10 PM    
Yes guest, that is a huge factor. Having someone with a friendly personality, an extrovert, AND time to while the day away with casual banter is a start. And I will certify that was common 15 years ago, on winMX. With over 2000 chatrooms, many were very lively 24/7. Things have changed and I doubt we can get it back, even with several extrovert types with time to spare.
by Guest on 2019/06/21 01:23:39 AM    
Some things may have changed but since winmx still operates albeit at a reduced room count I feel there is still the potential to grow the chat side of things here, the people whom may have the most time to spend are those whom lady luck has already dealt a bad hand to namely disabled folks and the socially awkward, chat rooms are a great leveller of society in that we are all equal until we state otherwise and those without full mobility often shine in other areas and have the time to gain and retain a lot of knowledge so with retired people and younger teen folks exploring the mindset of the older generations along with women "trapped" at home with a young family a picture of just what potential chat resources may be out there can emerge, I'm sure there are many other types of personalirty to add into the mix but the core of any chat systm is to engage all swathes of its userbase around those with the most time to keep the keys rattling, we all benefit from discussion and exchange and we should all take some time to get to know each other.

We the userbase control the future of the network here so lets simply make the most of it by making the extra effort to converse and share not just our files but our knowledge its a very worthwhile investment and friendships are priceless.

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