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Hide IP Addresses
by Guest on 2017/08/14 03:35:00 PM
I tried it out and was able to see other Peers' IP addresses. Is this normal? The feature list shows encryption. Why is the client showing anyone's IP address?
by Guest on 2017/08/15 01:46:36 AM
it is normal and there is encryption. it says on the front page:
Full connection encryption and decentralized public key infrastructure

by Pri on 2017/08/15 03:24:36 AM
The client uses encryption for the transmission of data between clients that's all. IP Addresses are not hidden because the client does not work like TOR. Meaning your information is not forwarded through random nodes in the network to make you anonymous to an observer.

To add the masking of IP Addresses would require an entire rewrite of the software. It would also make file transfers dreadfully slow as your files would have to come from other peers on the network.

My advice, get yourself a paid VPN service if you intend to use Fopnu. That will protect your IP completely.

by Guest on 2017/12/02 03:01:10 PM
I use a VPN on a Ubuntu box. With most torrent clients, I can specify that the client only use the VPN rather than the regular network card's IP

I don't see how to force Fopnu to only use my VPN.

Can anyone tell me how I can insure Fopnu only communicates via my VPN and if the VPN goes down, Fopnu gets disconnected?


by Guest on 2017/12/02 09:07:16 PM
go to settings->network

im pretty sure if you put the ip of your vpn into one of the 'local address or interface' boxes, it will only use that ip.

by Guest on 2017/12/08 02:38:42 PM
use a vpn untill thay diside to hash the ip or untill thay diside to encpyt the ip
Which will then make it more secure for you too use as public ip showing is very unscure for the likes of RIAA, MPAA Copyright Warnings letters being sent too your home address

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