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Special Request - Larger MOTD

by BugMagnet on 2019/06/26 07:29:47 PM    
overheard in a channel:

I really need more room in the welcome message

I second that emotion.
by Guest on 2019/06/26 11:03:03 PM    
Does anyone know the current size ?

I winmx it was around 400 characters and thats a pretty decent size, does it need to be bigger than that ?
by BugMagnet on 2019/07/17 07:15:42 PM    
I was spoiled by tixati. You can have an ebook as the MOTD :P I like to use it for dozens of topical links.

fopnu currently is limited to 256 characters - IMHO rather crippled for mass messages.
by Guest on 2019/08/15 01:36:19 AM    
I would like to be able to link people to various shares, each one of them are normally huge, such as "fopnu:file:rfkuebxtemdhetdgmy34527g5djwk756xafjmpvzuooi3tbyiirvm7eit3675aaacad4aaaaaa/test-file" which uses all 85 characters instead of "test-file" or 9 characters. As you can see one share is a good chuck of available characters for the MOTD.
by Guest on 2019/09/30 02:38:40 PM    
the MOTD is now larger, is it large enough?
by BugMagnet on 2019/10/10 06:23:21 PM    
it never enough. :)
much better than it was, and given the compromises that pertain when creating a protocol, I'm okay with it. And if a dumping more information is really needed, a webpage can be used for that and the URL for it posted to the MOTD.

I'd say we're good, for now, tyvm

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