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[Bug] Sometimes uploading files get rehashed with incorrect hash

by Nz08a on 2019/07/19 09:13:09 PM    
Sometimes when uploading files Fopnu decides to rehash files that are being uploaded. This hash that is created when the file was being uploaded is incorrect. Fopnu saves this new invalid hash to be the files hash. Stopping any uploads for X file.

Manually triggering Fopnu to rehash file X will return the files original hash continuing any uploads.

As a workaround for now setting 'No re-hash after last-modified time change' to true. I have verified that the files last modification date does not change on the files being uploaded that got rehashed.
by Nz08a on 2019/10/27 10:07:19 PM    
Update and corrections.

This problem isn't exclusive to files that are being uploaded. After this post I had noticed that Fopnu was rehashing files in my library seemingly at random.

And it's these randomly hashed files for no good reason that have a problematic hash.

It was just much easier for me to notice this problem on files that being actively uploaded. Because I check if users are sharing the files they have received from me, if so they have a higher broadband priority.

Iv also noticed this happened more often to files that are placed on my Microsoft storage spaces mirror accelerated parity drive formatted with ReFS. (This drive configuration no longer exists)

It does happen on my virtual mirror drive formatted with ReFS but nowhere near as much. I would estimate for this drive no more than 10 times a week this happened.

Since the original post date for this thread I have had 'No re-hash after last-modified time change' to true.

And have forgotten about this issue.

Except recently I reinstalled Fopnu after reinstalling Windows. And forgot to check no rehash. And got very sad when I saw this issue re occur.

Due to ReFS lack of documentation and it's still being in development I have considered it to be an unintended feature.

It would be appreciated if there was a way to manually hash all the files in a folder and sub folders easily.
by Guest on 2020/03/12 07:06:12 PM    
I'm not sure if this might be me or related to the problem listed - I have noticed that the chat rooms keep disconnecting at least once a day ( I can not yet confirm of multiples ).

Overnight it disconnected me and the day before. This behavior was non-existing in the previous version of Fopnu.

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