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fopnu memory hole

by Guest on 2019/07/24 12:26:14 PM    
fopnu is eating all memory. really sad. have to uninstall. :)

by Guest on 2019/07/24 08:41:54 PM    
what are you doing in fopnu? downloading? uploading? in many channels?

how big is your library?
by Guest on 2019/07/26 01:26:18 AM    
around 10tb of media files that nobody ever downloads. I'd been running it for 3 weeks straight, and got only 3 files requests in total in whole 21 days, and always upload speed was like 2kb\sec max even though I have a gigabit upload....
by Guest on 2019/08/09 10:34:31 AM    
try running the 2 memory graphs and see what part of fopnu is using the memory.

they can be found in the help menu under diagnostics.

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