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Selected Port not working - UPnP fails too

by BugMagnet on 2019/08/06 06:52:41 PM    
I set a specific static port in my fopnu config. (v1.34 on windows 7, wifi connection)

I had a rule for UDP port forwarding the fopnu port. I also had UPnP enabled in both fopnu and my modem/router firewall.  But I am seeing me with a different port online, the system default to 1024.

Maybe it's the heatwave that fried my brain. I can't see why this is happening.

[11:44:40 AM]  Welcome to Fopnu v1.34
[11:44:40 AM]  Loading saved configuration files...
[11:44:41 AM]  Configuration file loading complete
[11:44:41 AM]  Loading user interface...
[11:44:42 AM]  Initialization complete
[11:44:43 AM]  Network starting
[11:44:43 AM]  Listening on udp:
[11:44:43 AM]  Listening on udp:[::]:12345

[11:44:46 AM]  New location set: <<<<<<< ????????  Why 1024?

[11:44:57 AM]  NAT-PMP mapping UDP port 12345 on gateway > socket error waiting for reply: Timed out (50434)
[11:44:58 AM]  UPNP mapping UDP port 12345 on gateway > command failed with error 402 Invalid Args
[11:44:58 AM]  Mapping UDP port 12345 on gateway will be retried every 5 minutes

I see some changes were made in v1.34 related to UPnP. But if I have a static port forwarding rule in the modem/router firewall to pass the fopnu port I selected I shouldn't even need UPnP right?.

I removed my firewall rule, to test UPnP without it. Both UPnP and NAT-PMP mapping fail.

The options I have for UPnP in my router are:
UPnP: ENABLE/disable
Advertisement time: 300 (seconds)
Advertisement Time to Live: 4 (hops)

I turned the router firewall and DOS protection off completely. I made a rule to port-forward my fopnu UDP port. I am still using port 1024 after restarting fopnu.

The options for the router rule include:
Global port range: 12345 to 12345
Local base port: 12345

would that be right?

What am I missing?
by BugMagnet on 2019/08/06 08:41:49 PM    
What am I missing?

Oh.  Windows.

I rebooted the router...again. Then my computer. It seems rebooting the computer changed something and fopnu was then using the port I configured for it, not 1024.

I hadn't rebooted the system in weeks. Would not have even looked at the port until another user who was also having channel disconnect issues told me I was on port 1024. I had noticed he was also on a 10XX port on both his systems.

If we blame it on windows, maybe case solved.  dunno.
by Guest on 2019/08/07 08:39:52 AM    
I noticed similar behavior.

I have port 49999 selected. It is open - I have verified the port is open not only in Tixati, but https://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/

When I then select this port for fopnu, the link above states the port is CLOSED.

Yes, the port is forwarded for UDP connections.

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