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Gnutella Network question?

by Guest on 2019/10/01 06:25:57 PM    
Can the Gnutella Network be put onto Fopnu? The Gnutella has soo much more choices than is currently available on Fopnu. If theres a programmer that can do this that would be great.
by Loops on 2019/10/03 05:27:50 PM    
This request initially seems a two edged sword.

On the one hand theres the possibility of increased content for the userbase & on the other there's the risk of fake files, viruses and all manner of network exploits simply waiting to happen, this is of course one of the pitfalls of using a well known network protocol.

I havent touched on the other concern regarding lawsuits or threats of lawsuits against the creator of such a client and how such legal tactics could even be used to steal the original work that constitutes FOPNU.
Is the temporary satisfaction of obtaining a few MP3 files (or somesuch) worth losing such a treasure ?

IF FOPNU supporters want to grow this network then all they have to do is creat some noise on both the web and across social media networks regarding the cool features of this decentralised network or donate a few more peices of bitcoin to the developers here so they can make further efforts to undertake something from their side.

FOPNU is future looking, it's countrproductive to resort to using a very old school p2p with its own problems.

For those that do wish to help grow the network here try creating some youtube videos of how to set up the client and other visual walk throughs of its features, then make regular social media posts referencing those YT videos and ensure you tell a friend or better still all of them.

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