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Avast Hardened

by Guest on 2019/11/06 04:20:25 PM    
Says something not koscher with 1.4.1. Print to small for me to see, i.e. I'm near blind
by Guest on 2019/11/07 04:19:00 AM    
I am confident this is a false positive but I am not sure why its picked this particular version as the crypto libraries used are the same in most of the releases.

As most of you know the routines in FOPNU for dht and the heavyweight encryption are similar to routines virus writers use to try to hide their softwares payloads and commeand and control routines, such malware writers do not by tradition operate a publicly registered company, FOPNU is such a registered company (in Canada) and therefore is responsible for its products, logically speaking I dont see this being a genuine problem.

The FOPNU developer should send a copy of the program to Avast so they can do a more intensive study and find out whats causing the problem, Avast test thousands of programs and of course will flag up small matching code snippets used in malware so its not hard to see why there might have been a false positive but a responsible anti virus company will look deeper if asked to.

On another note a regular problem I myself have had with such false positive results was when I tried to use a "packer", this is a program to obscure and compress files to make it harder to copy or explore the internal workings of them , unfortunately this technique is copied by malware writers to hide their evil junk and I used to regularly hear of horror stories even though I knew what was in the program having written it myself, the solution is simple however speak to Avast and see about getting them to update their definition files, it is pretty painless.
by Guest on 2019/11/07 09:47:38 PM    
I tend to agree with your comment, but I see no good reason why blind people have to troubleshoot legitimate software. I used Fopnu many versions ago and don't remember this bug but I have also evaluated many softwares since then and biological memories are not perfect. I'm in no rush for this particular evaluation so this company can do their duty and provide some kind of assurance their software is clean. Thank you very much for your response. It hit the nail on the head.
by Guest on 2019/11/08 04:22:32 AM    
I agree that as an end user it might be a bit of a hurdle for you to champion the software to Avast, the logical authority to undertake this role would be the FOPNU developer, I am sure all we have posted here is being acted upon however.

I am really pleased my post was of assistance to you Guest, as a small usergroup we need to ensure we support each other strongly and remain inclusive to those whose lives are more challenging than the majority of the userbase.

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