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feature suggestion: manually add peers

by Guest on 2019/11/27 10:39:38 PM    
I think it would be nice if we can manually add peers to bootstrap from if the bootstrap server is blocked or offline. I know most users don't need to do this. An example of where this could be useful is in places like China. I tested this with a new Fopnu install and it worked. Fopnu couldn't get any peers which effectively blocked it. I can think of other ways to block it but blocking the bootstrap server is the easiest.

here is a screenshot: https://postimg.cc/7C7fb2c7

# find bootstrap server IP
$ nslookup bootstrap1.fopnu.com

Non-authoritative answer:
Name:   bootstrap1.fopnu.com

$ nslookup bootstrap2.fopnu.com ; nslookup bootstrap3.fopnu.com ; nslookup bootstrap4.fopnu.com

Non-authoritative answer:
Name:   bootstrap2.fopnu.com


Non-authoritative answer:
Name:   bootstrap3.fopnu.com


** server can't find bootstrap4.fopnu.com: NXDOMAIN

# block fopnu bootstrap IP
$ sudo iptables -A OUTPUT -d -j DROP
by Guest on 2019/11/29 09:27:36 AM    
The feature you suggest guest should be bolstered by locally cacheing an encrypted  list of exising peers so if the worst happens connection to the network is still possible.

I have asked the Fopnu developer before in this Forum about such mechanisms but heard nothing however I would like to make clear again that this is the single most important reason why winmx still operates, users refuse to take the risk of swapping to Fopnu when it can be shut down in seconds, if this issue is resolved its quite possible we coulc gather a lot of new users in a short time.
by Guest on 2019/12/05 12:30:39 PM    
i say: "let me bootstrap from myself (or at least from another machine in my LAN)."
by Guest on 2019/12/08 02:57:04 AM    
To anyone else reading this, give us your input. If enough people request for this feature it might get added.
by Guest on 2019/12/23 04:29:47 PM    
Caching of groups to allow re-connection would be a big plus. Groups could still function if bootstrap is temporarily offline.
by Guest on 2019/12/28 11:41:29 AM    
Anyone scoped over 1.42 yet ?
by Guest on 2020/01/14 03:00:44 PM    
Please add this feature!
by janet on 2020/01/14 06:27:16 PM    
The Devs tell me that this feature is coming soon. Maybe in the next release, or the one after that.
by Guest on 2020/01/17 09:19:53 AM    
Thats very welcome news Janet, please thank them on our behalf and reassure them we will do our part to spread the word far and wide.

The 2005 WinMx episode was not just a hit for Kevin, many of its users where left in disbelief and felt the sky had fallen in, this is a testament to how good the software produced was, folks are still using it 15 years later.

We must do our best now fellow users, lets get busy and spread the word far and wide and show the p2p community that Fopnu is built on a solid base and ready to take its place as the best of the best, with its live developer(s) innovating new features and listening to the userbase we have the best of all things here, now its our turn to put in.

Join me in a smile : )
by Guest on 2020/01/24 01:09:37 AM    
In my opinion, I think the core Fopnu protocol should be made open source so alternate clients could be made. I think this would help increase the users. Look at BitTorrent(the protocol. not client), without it being open I don't think it would be as popular as it is today.
by janet on 2020/02/14 03:27:11 AM    
Fopnu v1.43 has the option for custom network bootstrap hosts in Settings > Network
by Guest on 2020/03/04 01:10:29 PM    
could someone who knows give examples of how to use the "bootstrap locations" feature please?
by Guest on 2020/03/06 09:15:13 PM    
Guest, here is an example. Let's say that someone is running Fopnu on on port 34781.. So to add that peer for bootstrap, you would put: "" in the bootstrap box. If you had multiple peers you wanted add, it would look like: ",,"

These examples are fake and do not contain any public IPs. Do not use them.
by Guest on 2020/03/07 11:35:02 AM    
Thats a simple explanation Guest, could you add the information you posted to the wiki here ?

Creating more help & advice in the "support" section  will help grow the userbase , cheers : )

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