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Faster transfers!!

by Guest on 2019/12/08 07:24:57 AM    
I dont know what is wrong with fopnu but i have broadband and fopnu uses roughly 30k bandwidth up and down to keep its network alive yet every transfer to/from any person downloads or uploads at the speed of a 56k dialup modem... Fix this!!
by Guest on 2019/12/08 02:41:00 PM    
Have you checked your own settings Guest ?

Common annoyances are found in firewalls that limit UDP traffic, port forwarding problems as well as incorrect local user settings, please look through all of those areas and let us know if they are "OK", also can you confirm that you havent adjusted anything and that this is a default install, also can we know something about your O/S, and your ISP as both those have an important bearing on your efforts, hope to hear from you soon.
by Guest on 2019/12/12 12:12:45 AM    
settings are default .. port forwarded to internal static ip .. no firewall.. os is win7.. isp is cox communications
by Guest on 2019/12/15 02:54:52 PM    
It's my belief that cox is heavily into "traffic shaping" also known as "throttling", whilst I am surprised that this would affect fopnu given the amount of anti-annoyance technology built into the protocol, it might just be bad luck. Some ISP companies will throttle anything "unknown" on the off-chance its p2p related and if that is the case my normal trick is to hide amongst the weeds and set a really low port (below 100) and ensure the settings in fopnu are set to swap ports as fast as possible amongst a low range, this has worked for me more than a few times as most p2p traffic runs on ports above 1024.

I hope this information is helpful but the real issue is certain to be down to cox defrauding you with promises of a service they don't actually wish to provide.

Google cox & traffic shaping for more info and a bit of history on the subject.
by Guest on 2019/12/16 05:51:15 AM    
it boiled down to the cpu... i had fopnu running on an intel atom.. its not enough to 'keep up' with things... on a cpu that can handle fopnu, transfers are quite fast... the 'test' file in the support channel maxing out my bandwidth...
by Guest on 2019/12/16 07:34:57 PM    
That is a surprise. Very well done in narrowing it down to a hardware issue as this data will help others suffering from a similar scenario.

Merry Xmas Guest : ))

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