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Alert for win7 users - beware of MS KB4539601 update.    🔒  

by BugMagnet on 2020/02/10 01:46:05 AM    
The final update for Windows 7 before it officially ended support on Jan 14, 2020 had (at least) one "minor" bug.

It was related to the wallpaper stretch function and could cause a black screen. Three days ago M$ released a bugfix update, KB4539601.

If you install that, neither tixati or fopnu will run.
by janet on 2020/02/13 06:11:00 AM    
Tixati version 2.67 is now available.


A new Fopnu version should be released tomorrow.
by janet on 2020/02/14 03:28:34 AM    
This has been fixed with the release of Fopnu v1.43.

If anyone is still having this problem please start a new thread.

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