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Common Clause

by Guest on 2020/02/11 11:41:23 PM    
Common Clause is a licence which is neither open source nor closed(proprietary). It is a shared-source or source-available licence which enables a developer to release the source code to the public without losing control of the software. Could Fopnu be released under this licence? I think it would enable other developers to suggest improvements to the source code and learn from it. For information on Common Clause see: https://commonsclause.com/
by Guest on 2020/02/17 02:27:16 AM    
On the plus side you suggest that other devs could offer up tips and advice, on the negative side you have delivered a road map to attackers, which is the more potential scenario ?

I cant see any need for this type of licence to become part of anything going on here, we ask for things from the developer and they appear, the developer still develops, we still enjoy the network in comfort, if you have some ideas share them here, what more could anyone really want ?

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