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SOCKS5 support for VPN?

by Guest on 2020/03/11 12:43:12 AM    
Is there a support for SOCKS5 planned soon?
Because Fopnu seems very promising but honestly I can't use it without a VPN or something else to hide my public IP.
I don't know what other users think about that, but for me it's the most important feature for a P2P app...
by Guest on 2020/03/11 02:57:49 PM    
VPN works fine here with fopnu. SOCS isn't needed with my setup. The cost, considering it adds security to devices use on public networks, and to other P2P use as well, isn't high. I often have four devices connected simultaneously at an average cost of about $1.50 US per/mo per device.
by Guest on 2020/03/12 12:38:15 AM    
Ok, I was thinking more of a proxy (SOCKS5) to hide my public IP.
Because of course I can use my VPN to encrypt the whole connection but in this case everything pass thru the VPN.
And usually a full VPN is slower... So everything using internet become slow (like web) just to use Fopnu!

It's why the protocol SOCKS5 exists: To use a proxy for one specific app.
For example I can configure a SOCKS5 proxy on Tixati. Like that only Tixati use my "VPN" and all other software are directly connected to internet.
by Guest on 2020/03/12 01:41:18 AM    

This post can apply to Fopnu too if you ignore the TCP specific iptables rules. An alternative is to buy a VPN. Make sure to ask if they allow p2p and port forwarding.
by Guest on 2020/03/12 02:10:36 PM    
Oh come on guys! All Torrent clients have a proxy option available, even eMule support SOCKS5...
And by the way Fopnu is suppose to be "pure UDP" (like SOCKS5). But a full VPN tunnel re-encapsulates everything in TCP packets to encrypt it.
by Guest on 2020/03/13 01:38:11 AM    
by bladesofsin on 2020/05/09 02:24:00 PM    
I second the SOCKS5 implementation. I do not need a full-fledged VPN as I have other servers running on my machine. SOCKS5 is the most appropriate for my current use case.
by shlvr on 2020/08/01 10:26:35 AM    
Sorry for late reply, but here's an idea:

Set up a separate VM (Windows/etc.) that you can run in VirtualBox or other, that's dedicated for VPN and P2P.  This way you don't have to mix all your regular and file sharing traffic together in a VPN tunnel; you can isolate your P2P stuff in a sandboxed VM.  Good for security as well.
by Guest on 2020/08/01 11:07:40 AM    
Fopnu now has SOCKS5 support.

go to Settings->Network there you will see the SOCKS 5 proxy settings. click the configure button to configure it.
by TwinMikes on 2023/01/18 08:22:13 PM    
I understand the importance of having SOCKS5 support for a P2P app like Fopnu. Unfortunately, I am not aware of any plans for SOCKS5 support in the near future. However, there are other options available to hide your public IP such as using a VPN. One VPN provider that offers SOCKS5 support is SOAX. It's always good to do your research and compare different options to see which one works best for you. Proxies are a really good way to maintain privacy online

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