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Fopnu manual bootstrap peer list

by Guest on 2020/03/30 10:09:44 PM    
If you run Fopnu 24/7, have a static IP, and an open port, please share your peer address with port here. You don't have to but it will allow people to bootstrap into the Fopnu network if the official bootstrap server is blocked in their country.

If you wish to bootstrap manually, please refer to this page: https://support.fopnu.com/ManualPeer
by Guest on 2020/04/05 02:09:27 PM    
It seems even when you lay out gold in front of folks they cant comprehend their good fortune.

Folks let me clarify why this is a critical duty, if for any reason the Fopnu website is unavailable your client wont know WHO to connect to, in effect you wont be able to use the network ... unless you took the precaution of swapping your IP with a few fellow Fopnu users and they undertook the same with others, then you have the beginnings of a hub of users and one of you will doubtless already be connected to the live network and thanks to the way the network operates one connected live means all connected live, so its this simple share your IP if your on a fixed IP line and become a network saviour or forget using your  favourite network if the site here goes down for any period of time.

I am on a constantly rotating IP so I cant place my own here but we only need a few IP's to act as stepping stones for the rest of us and then we can always rise phoenix like from any annoyance, plan ahead, overcome obstacles.

For those of you who do this for all of us, we the great unwashed bestow our grateful thanks upon you : )
by Guest on 2020/04/05 05:43:48 PM    
Thank you Guest. I should have explained it more.
by Guest on 2020/07/28 10:44:13 AM    
I think it may make more sense if the developer were to add a feature into the setup that allows users to choose to do this.

Then fopnu would maintain a shared list of bootstrap IP addresses if it doesn't already do this.

The list could be like tixati's tracker list but to make it more secure maybe make the whole list an encrypted archive which uses credentials only known to the network which are generated by the network and randomized if it helps secure it. If the server goes down then the system fails over to the list. Fopnu could export the list as a special image. i don't recall the project but there is an encryption expert working on a Qbit resistant encryption system who i believe created a PAQ compression algorithm who has a tool for generating raster images of data to visualize compression efficiencies or characteristics. This maintained (image?)could maybe be served up by a hidden tor service which could maybe serve a tor/web interface for the user as well. So not sending the p2p traffic through tor just the info to automate the manual bootstrap and a interface.

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