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**** Fopnu v1.48 is Now Available! ****    📌    🔒  

by janet on 2020/06/09 08:56:39 AM    
June 9, 2020


Version 1.48 is now available. Several important fixes and improvements have been made:

- new SOCKS 5 proxy support, can be configured in Settings > Network
- rewrote notification systems for chat rooms, contacts, and transfers
- new config view at Settings > Notifications
- new per-download custom notifications available on right-click menu
- per-contact and per-chat custom notifications options are activated by default
- incoming private messages can now be notified via tray balloon
- chat messages can now be notified via tray balloon
- options to show full messages or just a summary on tray balloon notifications
- numerous improvements to UDP hole-punching, much better performance on highly-restrictive symmetric NAT connections
- network can track multiple reflected local addresses
- current local address tracking stats can be seen by clicking Network Event Log then pressing ctrl-shift DMPL
- greatly improved symmetric NAT detection and notification
- UPNP will now unmap on program close
- fixed UPNP stall problem after manual network stop/start cycle during map operation
- buttons in UPNP and filesys diagnostic logs to save report to text file
- minor bandwidth throttle performance optimizations
- fixed minor problems with program shutdown sequencing that would sometimes prevent channel leave announcements and UPNP unmapping
- in Settings > Files, a new option to skip library directory scans upon program start (useful when sharing huge numbers of files)
- new command-line option "-noinitscan" to force-skip library directory scan upon program start, regardless of settings
- fixed rare crash in Library that would occur when removing a folder while it was being uploaded
- minor improvements to the chat room ban system, more rapid propagation of list after updates

Thanks for using Fopnu!

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