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Low on Space

by Guest on 2020/06/26 05:29:39 AM    
Is it possible to save on FOPNU server after deleting files from local folder. I know its a stupid question but I've seen many user have almost 100 TB data they could'nt possibly have such large storage.

So just asking
by Guest on 2020/06/27 06:15:53 PM    
It has to be stored somewhere. You can buy hard disk drives for cheap(price per GB) compared to solid state drives. I bought a 1 TB HDD for about $35.
by Guest on 2020/06/28 01:54:22 AM    
I think you have answered your own question, this is a decentralised network there is no server.

If you are that low on space get some cloud storage.

I hate to tell you this Guest but many of us have systems with reasonable sized drives, I myself have an array of 8X3 TB online drives and more offline as swappable inserts,I cant roll with them all online all the time because i am not well off, so for those that are you can see its trivial to exceed that number.

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