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Feature requests

by Guest on 2017/08/19 08:16:55 AM    
I'm a new Fopnu user, nice to see a new P2P network :)

- I would like to see an option to also connect to the Gnutella/Gnutella2/Donkey/WinMX networks.

- The chat is now a popup screen, please make a tab for this.

- Is it really needed to show IP addresses (peers) on chat screen?
 If i share files people can see my username on search screen and on chat screen they can find my IP.
 Not very anonymous...

- To be more anonymous Fopnu can use the TOR network (like Tribler) or I2P (like AKTIE).

- More info on search is needed, like bitrate of music files.

I also would like to have some more info about Tokens (at Network screen).

by Guest on 2017/08/22 01:29:25 PM    
agree  would be more anonymous
if the ipv4 would flash ip {like most tor clients} instead off full display ip/hash as it scan your network connection for tor/hash and displays it even without its own folder for download.Is it possable to add on next update not to display ips or even to add some form of anonymous crypto security off  the ips or some form of mask for the ips ?
by Guest on 2017/08/25 09:14:32 AM    
I agree! Showing the users' IPs is just asking for trouble. However, your IP address is visible pretty much all the time without a VPN, but deliberately showing them in the network window of FOPNU is just odd to me. They could easily be masked.
by Guest on 2017/08/25 08:40:35 PM    
what difference would it make? any bittorrent client will show that info all the time. it's trivial information, masking it hides it from nobody.
by Lopica on 2017/09/01 06:19:54 AM    
First i'd just like to say i really love the concept, i like the idea of being able to share files and folders quickly with the bitorrent protocol and with a searchable network for finding stuff

Here's a list of thing's i think will make for a better experience (You may already be working on these so please dont be offended with the suggestions)
As it is, it's already a functional and cool application.

1. Need a 'Start with windows' option.

2. When searching for files, you need to tick the boxes for the type of content you are looking for 'Audio' 'Video' 'Images' 'Text' 'Other'  By default everything should be enabled and then disabled to filter content you don't want, rather than having to enable them all in the first place.

3. Same as above but for when adding files/folders, All options should already be ticked so it hashes all the files in the folders by default.

4. Ability to search/add a specific contact. Currently the only way to add someone is to search for files from that person or to create a chatroom and add them from there.

5. Some kind of magnet link for sharing externally (websites etc)

Minor suggestion

1. Ability to paste hyperlinks in chat

Thanks for your time.
by Guest on 2017/09/01 04:25:58 PM    
Hi Lopica

I read your list of requested features and applied some thoughts of my own to add some balancing information that you may not be aware of.

In the case of adding all file types by default this is strictly a no-no in legal terms, if you google data regarding the the case of limewire versus the RIAA it was suggested to the judge that by having scan all files/folder actions that by default add all folder types it was both breaching the privacy of the users whom may have shared a folder containg private documents but not thought about it because the folder also contained mp3's but was more importantly seen as a mechanism to encourage folks to illictly fileshare, such encouragement can count seriously against you in a lawsuit.

Later versions of limewire had the initial scan and share all file types controls firmly disabled, and to prevent any unwanted legal attention here I am humbly suggesting we leave things as they are where the users are the ones in control of their actions and thus their own destiny.

External website linking poses another type of security risk, its no secret that a malicious website can be setup to take advantage of users directed there with perhaps an unsecured or un-updated operating system, such folks are easy pickings for those operating malicious sites so for this reason I would ask that if we do have to have such an external linking function the user is prompted before opening the linked site with a warning box reminding them of the potential for exploits etc, we all like to believe that other filesharers are all good guys or girls but its not wise to reply on that.
by Guest on 2017/09/02 02:17:03 AM    
Port IPFilter from Tixati!
by Guest on 2017/10/19 11:17:56 AM    
Still have some problems.
1.The search items can't use any language without English,It's very hard to find some foreign file names,such as Chinese,Russian,etc.
2.I hope the ways of downloads add a choice "by link",like ed2k or magnet link,I can't share my files with my friends because they have to get my files by search online,It will be very easy to download files by an encrypted link.
by Guest on 2017/11/26 01:46:48 PM    
Is there or will there be a headless version to run on server like nas ?
by Guest on 2017/11/27 01:26:06 AM    
Check out the new 1.22 version.
by Guest on 2017/11/27 07:05:42 PM    
Newer Version out !!

Cheers Devs, xmas is looking rosy already.
by Guest on 2017/12/08 02:49:57 AM    
Headless version +1

A daemon version, as transmission has, should be great.


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