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feature request: exit when idle / graceful stop

by Guest on 2020/08/04 06:45:12 PM    
Simply, a feature that allows the user to set a flag, which tells the client to exit when its active transfer queue is empty.
So that you can tell the client exit after all requests (up and down) have been satisfied.

I personally want this option so that I can tell the client to exit after peers are done receiving from my node, instead of immediately or checking manually if I'm in an idle state.

by Guest on 2020/08/07 10:55:33 AM    
if you right click the top bar (where channels, transfers etc.. are) there are shutdown options
by Guest on 2020/08/15 06:25:24 AM    
Ahh that seems to be exactly what I was asking for. I was not aware of that context menu, thanks!
I like the amount of options it offers too. Especially the delay timer. 👍
by Guest on 2020/11/08 10:22:51 AM    
you can access the auto shutdown and startup features by right clicking on the Fobnu icon in the notification area by the clock.

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