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Feature Request: Remember ignores and priorities of other users

by Guest on 2020/09/17 11:05:55 PM    
Right now when I set a user to ignore it looks like all they have to do to get around it is stop downloading from me for a certain period of time then Fopnu forgets all about them and they can start downloading again.  Can we please have the program start remembering user states?
by Guest on 2020/09/17 11:10:56 PM    
they might be changing their key but not their name. i think you have to ignore them again. anyone know for sure?
by Guest on 2020/09/25 10:13:33 PM    
As far as I know when you interact with any user your user using that user key to connect. That's why you can change your name without it affecting anything else but if you change you key then your basically a "new" user. As such you have to ban that user all over again. Ive had users that didn't share anything they downloaded period and had to ban that some person 8 times before they gave up it was a new key each time but same name.
by Guest on 2021/10/22 06:29:50 AM    
Tonight on my uploading report a person who was and is ignored was downloading away like I never ignored them.  CLEAR AS DAY in the upload box right next to his name was the ignore symbol (circle with a line through it at an angle).

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