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Files downloaded by fopnu are extraordinarily fragmented on disk

by Guest on 2020/09/25 11:13:27 PM    
I noticed that transfering some fopnu files to another disk was giving me some very low throughput, so I used the Sysinternals Contig tool to check the disk fragmentation of the files.


Here are some files downloaded with fopnu:

1.07 GiB: A.mkv is in 9153 fragments
1.36 GiB: B.avi is in 10989 fragments
1.45 GiB: C.avi is in 11531 fragments
9.42 GiB: D.mkv is in 46903 fragments
9.95 GiB: E.mkv is in 48963 fragments
10.9 GiB: F.mkv is in 52281 fragments

For contrast, some files downloaded with deluge bittorrent:

7.63 GiB: G.mkv is in 659 fragments
20.7 GiB: H.mkv is defragmented
40.7 GiB: I.mkv is in 4217 fragments

And files downloaded over traditional http:

7.72 GiB: J.mkv is in 106 fragments
18.3 GiB: L.mkv is in 61 fragments
by Guest on 2020/10/21 02:12:43 AM    
be sure to get v1.52.

quote from news page:
reduced file fragmentation in downloaded files, blocks are saved in longer spans where possible

this should help with fragmentation.

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