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Transfer Rates

by Guest on 2020/09/30 01:36:04 PM    
Why are the transfer rates so slow? i started hashing files and got my first upload, speed is less than 3kbs, so i tried to download a couple files, speeds are less than 1kbs do i have something set incorrectly or is this network always this slow?
by Guest on 2020/10/01 12:42:50 AM    
i restarted the client and speeds are closer to what i would expect now
by Guest on 2020/10/28 08:47:39 PM    
I have been getting frustrated by low speeds too. Client restarts don't change anything for me. I should be uploading at several MB/s, but instead every upload goes between 100 KB/s or even 10 KB/s. And I'm pretty sure these peers are not just slow downloaders.

I notice the home page says "Recirculating token system that helps distribute upload bandwidth fairly" and the client has a tab for incoming/outgoing tokens, but it's hard to tell what they really do. Personally, I think the network is too small right now to worry about penny-pinching with these tokens. I just want to upload at full speed to anybody, that's why I joined a fileshare network.
by Guest on 2020/10/29 12:29:50 PM    
I got yesterday ridiculously slow speeds (less than 100KB/s), but after restarting the software I started getting faster speeds, right now I am downloading at 3.3MB/s
by Guest on 2021/12/06 04:17:10 PM    
by Guest on 2021/12/23 04:12:37 AM    
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