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Adding additional folders to the library

by Guest on 2021/01/02 07:37:18 PM    
Hello,  Along with my suggestion of adding a completed folder option using a copy then delete move, if you added a drop down list of maybe 10 additional folders spaces that would increase the seeds and files available.
In my case I use a 1tb ssd for the fopnu download folder then move the files to my raid drives and use BRU (bulk rename utility) to cleanup the file names and sort them.
I then copy some of them back to the fopnu folder depending on the space available.
I also need to defrag the ssd every 3 days, about 4000 fragments per 1 gb of download. win10 fopnu v 1.52

Most folks likely do some sort of similar action so many files are removed from possible downloads.  
Being able to add additional folders to the library would likely increase the available torrents and seeds 3x or more.

Again, thank you for your work, David
by Guest on 2021/04/07 02:17:46 AM    
Yeah, I would like to see something similar as well. In Tixati I usually had my TV series/anime/movie downloads transfer to the SSD when it was finished DLing. Lovely feature.

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