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**** Fopnu v1.53 is Now Available! ****    📌    🔒  

by janet on 2021/01/12 06:59:22 PM    
January 12, 2021


Version 1.53 is now available. Several important fixes have been made:

- fixed problems with text selection in richtext views when multi-byte Unicode strings are divided
- in Windows build text edit boxes, added keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Backspace to back over full words
- in any tree view, the left-arrow key will move to the parent item if current is already collapsed
- no more richtext control selection color updating problems when color settings are adjusted
- fixed file selection dialog problems on Windows systems that are configured to hide file extensions
- in GTK version, eliminated some redundant re-paint cycles in tree view and richtext controls to lower CPU use
- fixed bottom-scroll problems in Chat views when resizing view or flipping between empty and scrollable channels
- more graceful text edit control handling of invalid UTF-8 input
- fixed problems with line splitting in multi-line text controls when displaying invalid UTF-8
- window title captions are now better sanitized for undisplayable characters and invalid UTF-8
- IPv6 address parsing function is now more tolerant of misplaced square brackets with port specifiers
- fixed problems with floating-point display formatting and parsing on certain locales
- fixed multiline tray icon tooltip and balloon notification problems in GTK
- better GTK window caption and Alt-Tab icons due to use of multi-size feed function
- more accurate window saved position, dimension, and state re-loading
- browse window shows the full public key of the current user on the leftmost top path button tooltip
- fixed minor word-wrap update problems when expanding/collapsing the contact list next to chat rooms in GTK build
- portable mode path translation for saved MRU folders list used in Download As dialog
- improvements to file/folder name sanitizers

Thanks for using Fopnu!

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