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Search phrase not visible

by Pete on 2017/08/21 11:54:33 PM    

I encountered strange bug. On search tab the input is white text over white background. I can see typed text only when I highlight it.

I use Fopnu 1.17 64bit on Ubuntu Gnome 17.04. The bug is present on earlier Fopnu versions too.

by Guest on 2017/08/23 08:55:06 AM    
are you using the default white or black background color scheme?

are you using a modified color scheme?

have you tried reloading the color scheme?
by Pete on 2017/08/23 10:17:48 PM    
Thanks for help :-)

I tried different color schemes as the Guest suggested. It works OK for both Light Background and OS Default Colors. It's like I described only for Dark Background scheme. I found that Text/Foreground is set to white, Background is set to black and the search bar's background is always white despite the Background setting. It results in white text over white background. Actually it suffices to change the Text/Foreground to black and search phrase becomes visible. After quick check I don't see any negative side effects, so I'll just use this as workaround.

Edit: Unfortunately it affects some other parts of Fopnu, like Network > Peers tabs and user's browse list. There is black text over black background. I guess for now I'll try yet another color for Text/Foreground setting or just use other scheme.
by Guest on 2017/08/25 08:47:32 AM    
linux, windows and ubuntu 15 all seem to work fine for me. in the black default color scheme the search input is black and the text is white, as it should be.

do you have any weird themes or something else that could be affecting this?

does any other program do anything like this? anywhere in tixati maybe?
by Pete on 2017/08/26 04:33:29 PM    
The only thing different than default is the "Global Dark Theme" enabled in Ubuntu Gnome 17.04. Disabling it doesn't solve this problem.

Tixati is OK. All similar looking text input fields (like text filter) are working fine on the default Dark Background color scheme.

I tried Fopnu on the older Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 LTS and it is different there. The search field has indeed black background and white text as set in color scheme.
by Guest on 2017/08/27 11:58:19 PM    
it seems like it might be a ubuntu theme issue.

have you tried different themes.
by Pete on 2017/10/12 10:55:28 PM    
I'm happy to say that in the latest Fopnu v1.19 this bug is fixed.

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