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Mac OS Version

by Guest on 2021/04/22 05:03:48 AM    
Is there a Mac OS version of fop?  I've searched far and wide and maybe not enough, but no joy.  Thank you!
by janet on 2021/04/22 06:45:25 PM    
Sorry, there is no Mac version of Fopnu at this time, just Linux and Windows versions.
by Guest on 2021/04/22 11:12:15 PM    
Thank you for your reply.  Please don't forget there are lots of us Mac users that appreciate innovative tools and a Mac version of Fopnu would be really appreciated.
by stealthidiot on 2021/06/08 12:14:50 AM    
I concur that a mac version would be amazing!  I use windows and mac both, but my daily is mac.

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