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Please reduce the dependence on the CPU frequency when uploading

by Guest on 2021/09/07 04:04:08 AM    
Please reduce the dependence on the CPU frequency when uploading, because when fopnu runs on a PC with a low-power processor such as Intel atom, AMD Athlon II X2 260u, the upload speed cannot reach the maximum.
by Guest on 2021/10/03 05:41:50 AM    
In my case it's a sudden increase to 2GB of memory use. I've found an old portable install of v1.41.10 to be less demanding.
by Guest on 2021/10/04 01:20:30 AM    
You can use an older version of Fopnu but in the future an update might make it not work with the newer version.
by Guest on 2021/10/04 03:19:39 PM    
Obsolescence expected, but  the sustained use of high amounts of any resource doesn't make using the program attractive. RAM and CPU usage should drop after hashing is complete.
by Guest on 2021/10/20 09:44:54 AM    
the memory usage and the CPU usage are both down with the new release of v1.56
give it a try and see if it helps.


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