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After fopnu runs, the upload speed drops to single digits within

by Guest on 2021/09/07 05:13:29 PM    
My maximum upload speed is 8M/s. About two months ago, a large number of files were posted on a Chinese adult forum with the link "fopnu:file:", so a large number of people would take the initiative to connect to my fopnu , Get the upload speed. Therefore, my fopnu, the upload speed has always reached the maximum when it is running, but in the last few days, I found that after I turn on the computer and run fopnu for about a few minutes, the upload speed will go from the maximum , Suddenly decreased to single digits, and no longer increased, unless you close it, and then re-run, and then this situation will reappear.

Because I am in China and the internet censorship is very strict, I suspect that the upload speed of fopnu was artificially restricted by the internet monitoring department.

If this is the case, it is a bug of fopnu, I hope the author can see the feedback and solve it.

The basic situation of the PC, the operating system is windows 7 sp1 64bit, the cpu is AMD AM3, and the motherboard is Gigabyte 880gm-UD2H. fopnu 1.55.

I have tested emule and utorrent, and their upload speed is not limited.
by Guest on 2021/09/07 11:20:26 PM    
maybe some of the people downloading from you cant go fast.
did anything change in your computer just before you started having this slowdown?
were you running v1.55 when it uploaded faster?
by Guest on 2021/09/08 08:49:58 AM    
I have tried installing windows 10 and windows 8 or 8.1, and this happens. But when I try to use windows xp to run fopnu 1.55, there is no such situation.
There are many people downloading from me, and the speed will be very fast. As long as you run fopnu, the upload speed will reach the maximum value of 8M/s in about two minutes.
When I find that the upload speed has decreased, if I turn off fopnu and then re-run it, the upload speed will immediately increase to the maximum within one minute, but unfortunately after ten or twenty minutes, the upload speed will definitely drop to 10K/s or lower.
I will reinstall a windows 7 system tonight to test and see if the cause of the failure I reported is caused by the use of windows 7 downloaded from the Internet and streamlined by others.
by Guest on 2021/09/08 09:09:03 AM    
ALWAYS get Fopnu from the website.
you dont know what you are getting downloading the file from elsewhere.

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