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I had used fopnu for days and I feel some problem

by Guest on 2021/09/30 05:31:22 AM    
The problem is a question about downloading rules, maybe the download queuing, if I downloaded a folder it can means many files will be download at same time, it seems  sometimes downloading be blocked maybe congestion.
There is no menu for the download rules, I cannot control the downloading, for example i want file downloading one by one.
At last I prefer check the downloading rules, or renew the rules , or add new menu for download control.
About rules i really want to say on details, for example, one time N file downloading, one time one file user can have max two uploading thread, one time one file only one downloading thread from one user, different files only two can be download from one user at same time, building download queuing, ETC.
Have a good day!
by Guest on 2021/10/03 05:11:08 AM    
The only present solution is to download one file completely before starting another. One complete file is more useful than an hundred partial downloads. Individually you can limit the upload bandwidth to users who queue more files than is acceptable to you and allocate resources to more considerate users. Local Queuing is something Napster Clone developers got right.
by BugMagnet on 2023/03/19 04:11:50 PM    
I would vote for User settings for UL and DL slots, globally and per peer

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