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Why did you call it Fopnu?

by Guest on 2017/08/22 03:25:57 PM    
Why did not you call it WinMX2?
by Pinkie_Pi on 2017/08/26 04:45:36 PM    
"WinMX" is short for "Windows Media Exchange"

Fopnu is multi-platform (not just windows) ... so far windows and linux but i have a funny feeling a mac version will be available in the future...

the best take ive heard on what 'Fopnu' comes from is "For old peer network users", however this was a humorous suggestion by a user that shall remain unnamed, not by the dev of Fopnu itself..

WinMX is also technically a network that was shut down by the legal system so using its name is most likely not a good idea... that winmx.com itself is allowed to operate as a redirect is honestly a bit of a surprise.. ...WinMX is also a name that was 'stolen' by many using modified limewire clients as a cash grab con job... its a bit of very ancient windows 95 era abandonware that is on life support via a patch... 'tis best to let the name 'WinMX' stay with the original software and move on with an entirely new name... ...and, personally, i think the name Fopnu is quite clever as it doesnt really have a meaning beyond what the users give it...
by Guest on 2017/08/26 07:39:01 PM    
FOPNU.....For Old Peer Network Users !!
by Guest on 2017/08/27 11:50:35 PM    
Tixati was chosen because it has 5 letters and when written in all caps, the letters are all straight. TIXATI

Fopnu was chosen because it has 5 letters and when written not in caps, the letters are all curved. fopnu
by Guest on 2018/05/27 12:12:58 PM    
The poster above me might need to get their eyes checked.  Tixati has 6 letters.

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