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IDEA: Index and search by URI/IRI (e.g IMDB id, TVDB, Discogs et

by Guest on 2021/10/26 03:04:32 PM    
Hey all,

There's some interest recently in "Linked Open Data" that Sir Tim Berners-Lee championed about 10 years ago, but there's not been much development on the web outside of the science/academic/library community. The basic idea is to make every "thing" indexable by a unique id, and that is understood and searchable by machines.

But something like Fopnu (or wider Torrents) could make great use of this:

Imagine each file or folder in a collection could have it's associated IRI(s) stored, either within the .nfo file or dedicated file e.g.:


Contents of the .iri file:


This enables a direct link from content metadata (e.g. a page on IMDB), to that content being shared. E.g. suppose a browser plugin detected a film URL on IMDB, this could then do a fopnu search in the background (sending the URL/URI), and retrieve a fopnu link to that content.

This could be pretty powerful. The initial indexing would perhaps have to be done by fopnu by e.g. using the TVDB and IMDB API's, but would result in a huge, distributed database of pretty much all films/TV shows/music shared across all Fopnu users, not dependent on trackers, usenet, DDL sites etc.

Any thoughts? :)

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