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Plz Library.dat does not rescan after path changed

by Guest on 2021/10/27 05:47:28 AM    
After I shared the files of multiple hard disks, I encountered a situation, when I wanted to copy the library.dat of fopnu that I used before to a new fopnu in a new folder in another partition. The copied library .dat is invalid, all the original shared files need to be re-scanned, and the number of files in my original shared folder is more than one thousand, the file size of library.dat is almost 1GB, rescanning is very time-consuming and cpu performance.

      I really hope to improve this problem. For example, like the known.met file of emule, the scanned file hash, when the file name, file path, folder name, and folder path are changed, there is no need to rewrite it. scanning.

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