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Flushing library from RAM to HDD

by chrsmrrtt on 2021/11/03 09:57:07 AM    

The new feature of the library hashes being stored on the HDD rather than RAM has piqued my interest in Fopnu once more. I've quite a substantial library (nearly 3TB over 241,000+ files) and my RAM usage was over 3.1GB.

I've downloaded and installed v1.56, but I've not seen as substantial a drop in RAM usage as I was expecting; down to 2.6GB.

I see the library hash files that have been produced in the Roaming folder, although only 193,000 of them (somewhat short of the 241,000 I was expecting), and as a result I was expecting the RAM usage to drop hugely.

Is there something I'm missing? Is there another step I need to take? Do I need to wait longer? The 193,000 hash file count seems to have stopped after slowly creeping up after first upgrading.


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