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General question on available files

by Guest on 2021/11/30 03:10:40 PM    
This is mostly just a general question or observation. It's not a negative post, just curious.

Most of my searches for music come up with nothing, it doesn't help that my taste is a bit under the "mainstream radar". But still. Other p2p software (ss/nc) always has what I need. But I prefer Fopnu if given a choice.

So my question, how can I/we improve the availability of music for Fopnu? Is there anything the users can do other than upload their files for others? I'd like to see *a lot* more variety of music. Right now it's definitely not there as probably 60-70% of my searches come up empty.
by Guest on 2021/12/23 04:29:02 AM    
Fopnu search is very specific, it only shows results that contain the exact search term you input, so if you want more results try just searching for one word like the artist name or album name. good luck.

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