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Fopnu support NAT Traversal?

by Carlos65 on 2017/08/23 12:09:39 AM    
Fopnu supports NAT Traversal? If not, it is planned its implementation in the future?
by Carlos65 on 2017/09/12 07:36:25 AM    
I'm waiting for an answer.
Thank's in advance.
:) :) :)
by Guest on 2017/09/26 04:40:07 AM    
Yes, they went out of their way to support hole-punching, but obviously it won't work on a NAT that re-writes source port-numbers for each destination IP, like what you get with most carrier-grade NAT that's used with cell towers.

But for regular NAT like what you have with a home router, it works well (I've tested it between two machines behind different NATs).

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