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Enhancement request Add Network drop down menu for easy VPN tunn

by ASmith on 2022/02/16 09:13:08 AM    
Enhancement request Add Network drop down menu for easy VPN tunnel selection.

Using the free open source Qbittorrent client as a example. Add to the advanced connection preferences in Fopnu, Tixati

Network Interface to use (Any, lo, enp0s31f6, tun0)
Optional IP Address to bind to (

This makes it a snap for a user to push that application specifically through the VPN encrypted tunnel in this example tun0, These values are only for the example. If needed, look over the Qbittorrent source for the platform quiery for those network values.
by ASmith on 2022/02/19 05:05:14 AM    
It appears I missed a existing functionality for this in DarkMX and Fopnu. Settings --> Local IPv4 address or interface --> ... (button) --> Drop-down menu provides the Network devices and optional addresses available for you to bind to. Examples tun0 or for a VPN.
by Guest on 2022/03/08 03:36:31 PM    
I only see that option in Fopnu but not in DarkMX to bind to VPN. Maybe because DarkMX uses the Tor network it doesn’t have that option.

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