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Way to quickly repeat recent searches

by postcd on 2022/03/24 10:24:08 AM    
unlike aMule/eMule the Fopnu and DarkMX does not return many search results and i want to repeat the search a few times in next hours, days.

Please make it possible to easily repeat search of any recently searched phrases. I mean it should not take more than 3 seconds to repeat the search. Or even repeat the search automatically each lets say 6 or 24 hours, preserving the results from all searches so i can queue download even for currently offline file?
by postcd on 2022/06/02 01:11:04 PM    
Additionally i am missing the field to filter the search results.
Main search term is general term and then if it returns too many results, you want to narrow your query (show only items matching some keyword). Negative operators like !excluded -excluded may also be good in the future.

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