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How do I get my first piece of content into Fopnu

by loninappleton26 on 2022/03/30 09:42:26 PM    
Can Fopnu simply drag and drop content folders from a folder?

If not what is the add method if the content is usually in a torrent folder?

Is Public the default display option?

Lastly does fopnu operate as a google drive or 'cyberlocker'

How do I link to others where my fopnu is?
by loninappleton26 on 2022/04/07 08:29:49 PM    
One follow up on this regarding entering content.  FOPNU shows activity immediately on
starting the program so I closed it.  Is this activity going anywhere or doing anything before I assign some partners to share content?
by loninappleton26 on 2022/04/19 07:30:01 AM    
I used "ADD" as in Tixati to load some content which is a folder of a play captured elsewhere.
How does anyone find out about my content?  I don't know how the Groups work.  I will refrain from leaving Fopnu open until I know more.
by Guest on 2022/04/20 02:22:10 AM    
Here are some pages that explain groups, sharing and other Fopnu features.


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