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Fopnu totally unusabée under Whonix linux?

by defyhb on 2022/05/09 08:16:43 AM    

I tried fopnu under win10-works.
Under Ubuntu and Debian linux: works.

And I tried under Whonix Tor based linux: totally unusable.
I see only connecting to the network.... and nothing else.
I see the connection log: a lot of requests (blue bar)

but zero responses(green bar)

What is the problem here?

by Guest on 2022/05/15 02:48:10 AM    
No... unless you have a proxy or VPN. And not all socks proxies support UDP.

1) Whonix routes all your traffic through Tor.
2) Tor only supports TCP traffic.
3) Fopnu uses UDP.

Because Whonix routes all your traffic through Tor, all you would need to do is configure Fopnu to use your proxy or run the VPN on the whonix client. But I wouldn't recommend this. Your speed will be very very slow. But then you'd have another problem and that is paying for the VPN anonymously and making sure you only connect to it through Tor. Nobody gets DMCA notices for using Fopnu. Just don't worry about it. You shouldn't be too worried about it unless you are sharing illegal content. When I say that I don't mean something that is controversial or distasteful, I really do mean illegal.  A VPN or proxy alone should be more than enough for you. Personally, I don't use either with Fopnu because I'm only concerned about DMCA notices. While there are legitimate uses for Whonix (and Tails), you asking this question just makes me suspicious of you to be completely honest. You're either too paranoid or actually are sharing illegal content.

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