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Fopnu cannot handle huge share over 400 thousand files

by User097 on 2022/05/24 08:42:13 PM    
Fedora 36, GNOME, Fopnu 1.57. Trying to share huge amount of small files, about 1 MB. Overall 460,000 files.

Hashing seems OK. After hashing Fopnu dissapeared from memory with no notifications or errors. Where to dig?
by Sumit316 on 2022/06/24 10:52:30 PM    
If it's not too inconvenient you can always create a zip, rar or tar file.
by ZarkBit on 2022/06/26 01:16:50 PM    
RAM issue probably?

Tried to replicate with 655 771 files (868MB (1,42GB on disk)), once everything was hashed RAM usage by fopnu was a bit over 8GB,
restarting it lowered RAM usage to a bit over 6GB, but no crashes.

Windows 10
Fopnu 1.57 portable

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