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[Feature Request] Block peers without files

by Sumit316 on 2022/06/25 09:04:22 PM    
I would like to avoid peers that don't share any files downloading from me, without having to block them one by one. Better yet, let me select the number of files under which they will be blocked.
by Sumit316 on 2022/07/01 11:01:37 PM    
I'm actually gonna stop using the program since I'm already tired of blocking leechers. I thought this was a sharing program but most people connect only to leech.

Hopefully this will be implemented soon and I can continue using it. Meanwhile I'll just use nicotine.
by ASmith on 2022/07/03 03:26:51 AM    
One must take into account a bug that I noted, reported and now awaiting further feedback and perhaps fixed before assuming a Fopnu user is not sharing any files. That is the alleged bug that is preventing users being able to obtain a copy of the users shared file library.

Sometimes users are told 'Timed-Out', others are told User is offline, library unavailable. This is happening when the user is Online and has a extensive Library of Shared Files.

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