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M4A Audio File Not Recognized

by Guest on 2017/08/24 04:54:25 AM    
It appears that M4A (Apple Lossless Audio) files are not recognized.
by Guest on 2017/08/25 02:31:50 AM    
right click the folder that has the M4A files.
go to file types
check on 'other'

those files should be seen now.
by Guest on 2017/08/25 06:29:24 AM    
That works ...

It appears that only files that appear in my fopnu library folder list (displayed) are actually available to the network.

Since 'other' can refer to a whole raft of other stuff .. I would think that M4A should be added to the "AUDIO" category at some point in time.

An alternative suggestion might be to add a "fop-share" option to the file explorer "right click" to specifically select a file (or group of files) or folder to be included in the library (not copied per say - but maybe a shortcut/link).

Of course - the fopnu library display would need to display these linked files (and actual location) as well - and have the ability to override / select / deselect as well.

Just a suggestion .... so far though - fopnu looks promising !

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