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Feature added request. Download chat visitors shared files libra

by ASmith on 2022/07/02 08:55:38 AM    
Feature added request. Download chat visitors shared files library's and store them locally, files, links, hash data.

The bug and issue:

Currently I'm seeing a great deal of failure to obtain friends shared file lists due to 'time-outs' on a great many attempts to obtain a copy of users shared libraries on Fopnu. I am also hearing more and more users complaining of the same bug as well as being unable to see my shared library of files without their running into a 'time-out' or user appears offline or such bug.

Even with as little as 50 KB/sec speed for the purpose of downloading and sharing ones shared files library's, this would greatly enhance file sharing as well as eliminate this irksome bug.

An enhancement on implementing this feature request and swatting this bug would be adding the users shared files to a sqlite database which could export the stored data in multiple formats.

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