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Is FOPNU Dead?

by Officeguy1986 on 2022/08/01 05:58:55 PM    
There hasn't been an official update since last November. Is the project dead or is a bigger update coming?
by janet on 2022/08/02 02:38:27 AM    
Fopnu is NOT dead. An new version is in the works right now. It should be released a bit after the next Tixati release, which is coming very soon.
by Officeguy1986 on 2022/08/03 01:09:59 AM    
by BugMagnet on 2022/08/16 10:19:00 PM    
Actually, the lack of frequent updates can be a good thing. A sign that fopnu is very well designed and implemented...

There will be new features added over time. But if there was some pressing bug that appears, you can be sure the devteam would jump and stomp on it. I have seen bugfix versions released within 24 hours.

With several somewhat similar p2p media sharing apps, some new feature might be added to one and refined over time. Then when optimized, it may be ported over to the other apps as appropriate.
by Guest on 2022/08/30 02:36:47 PM    
1) Please, in the next version, make it possible to translate the application interface into other languages!
This is very, very necessary!

2) Also, the android version of Fopnu is missing. Are there any plans for this?
For DISTRIBUTION of files, Fopnu under Windows is quite enough, but for private file sharing between users or searching and downloading content that is open to the public, a version for Android is very necessary, since people always have smartphones with them, and not everyone has computers.
I was looking for a similar application for android, but I did not find anything worthwhile.

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