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Feature Added Request Streams

by ASmith on 2022/08/07 06:10:38 AM    
Feature Added Request Music Streams

I really like and enjoy the Streams feature added to Tixati and many including myself would enjoy seeing the streams feature added to Fopnu and DarkMX as well. I've tested music streaming over the RetroShare Tor driven networked application and various music streams appeared to work fine for me. I'm sure they'd do fine over Fopnu as well and highly appreciated.
by Sumit316 on 2022/08/08 06:38:36 PM    

I'm downvoting this feature because after it's made someone else will ask for movie streaming and it's too much complexity. Better to use a media player for those things.

I would expect this feature if fopnu tried to be an user friendly p2p program that competed with stremio but I don't think that's the intended user.
by ASmith on 2022/08/15 05:32:17 AM    
Audio streaming is far lighter on resources than video streaming which I don't support merely because I don't have multiple fiber optic fed bandwidths to spare. However to clear up obvious confusion the audio stream is often brought into a desktop, laptop, android or IOS device where its played by its built-in player.

In a chatroom and/or channel it is a real plus to offer visitors various musical genres' or even one favorite genrie compared to nothing to offer in that area at all. For those that don't want to hear that music genre or a 'audio stream' they merely chose to not do so.

Its also useful to remind and remember that audio streams often include breaking news and vital information broadcasts, popular blog casts and such as well. Light on the resources and broadcasting Coast-Coast AM talk radio to a chatroom audience can be very wanted.

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