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Feature Request, Add a local sql database with a remote fetch

by ASmith on 2022/09/15 08:36:40 AM    
Feature Request, Add a local sql database with a remote fetch and search ability for magnet uri's stored in a .txt string or comma delimited format with fields for categories.

DarkMX, Fopnu, and Tixati would each do well IMO to have a sql database option to store bittorrent magnet-uri's in and for friends to be able to fetch. They could be All movie magnets, or by categories etc. and DarkMX, Tixati, and Fopnu would as a result, clearly stand out from similar platforms by a mile.
by Guest on 2022/09/19 12:50:02 PM    

Why not just share the sqlite database as another one of your files? Anyone can download it and open it with sqlite browser without the need to add a feature that very few people would know how to use.
by ASmith on 2022/09/23 09:01:48 PM    
A guest asked, why not just share the entire SQL database as a single .torrent file?

Because many persons and users would be interested in nearly instantly obtaining a single magnet uri video file, not 100,000+ nor downloading a sql database program.

The challenge has been and remains in offering 100,000+ video magnet uri's and .torrent files individually with the Fopnu and Tixati platforms.

Creating each into a single magnet uri .txt file OR single .torrent file is impractical and the limits of remote scrolling of dozens of thousand lines is to much for many remote viewers to navigate. 100,000+ is of course nearly impossible in a single flat file. Which is why .torrent video websites use a sql database with a remote search capable field to quickly locate the video they are searching for.

Those centralized sites figured out the solution, now is the time to apply the solution to decentralized sites. Fopnu and Tixati are decentralized platforms that are capable of supporting such a enhancement which would elevate both to a higher role as a .torrent and file sharing platform.
by Guest on 2022/09/28 03:45:17 AM    
I learned MySQL awhile ago. I wanted to try using sqlite so I entertained your idea and made an example database. There are four tables: files, torrents, darkmx and fopnu. Here are some example queries. This is just an example. Design your database however you want and include whatever information you need.

enTitle = English title
nlTitle = native language title

1st example
sqlite> SELECT * FROM files INNER JOIN darkmx ON darkmx.contentID = files.contentID;
contentID  enTitle        nlTitle  mediaType  contentID  link
---------  -------------  -------  ---------  ---------  ------------------------------------------------------------
1          Example Movie           video      1          darkmx:folder:example123@NOT+A+REAL+LINK/Movies/ExampleMovie

2nd example
sqlite> SELECT * FROM files;
contentID  enTitle        nlTitle  mediaType
---------  -------------  -------  ---------
1          Example Movie           video

3rd example
sqlite> SELECT * FROM files INNER JOIN fopnu ON fopnu.contentID = files.contentID;
contentID  enTitle        nlTitle  mediaType  contentID  link
---------  -------------  -------  ---------  ---------  ------------------------------------------
1          Example Movie           video      1          fopnu:NOT+A+REAL+LINK/Movies/ExampleMovie1

4th example
sqlite> SELECT * FROM torrents;
contentID  magnet
---------  ------------------------------------------------------------
1          magnet:?xt=urn:btih:NOT+A+REAL+MAGNET+LINK&dn=ExampleMovie1&
by Guest on 2022/09/28 04:29:31 AM    
Sorry for the bump again, but I forgot to mention this. I have hundreds of torrents and I'm not going to manually make a database for them. Instead, I save/export all my torrents to their own folder so they can be shared with Fopnu and DarkMX. So if someone wants to download it through torrent instead, they can.

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