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**** Fopnu v1.58 is Now Available! ****    📌    🔒  

by janet on 2022/10/11 03:40:07 AM    
October 10, 2022


Version 1.58 is now available. This update has several important fixes and improvements:

- completely redesigned channels system
- new rich-text control for main chat view, much faster and less RAM/CPU
- chat backbuffer is saved between sessions
- join/leave/timestamp settings instantly apply to entire backbuffer
- user name display color in backbuffer now changes dynamically to indicate if currently online/offline
- Information tab displays channel welcome message
- Connections tab allows channel connection start/stop/remove by right-click
- Bandwidth tab, with history that is saved between sessions
- Event Log tab, that shows full history of banlist changes and user level changes
- Options tab that has several controls for regular users and channel moderators
- channel Auto-Ignore option, that will mirror a channel's banlist in the local ignore list
- new Auto-Moderate feature that will set bans based on another channel's banlist or the local ignore list
- Advanced Ban option in user right-click menu, which allows comments to be added
- user ban menu is customizable, allowing user to have preset comments and IP blocking options
- several new columns in the main channels list, accessible from the Layout Button
- fixed problems with channel connection forwarding to manager when connect-key is rejected
- new ignore system, accessible from top button in contacts list
- several new columns in ignore list
- channels that have the Auto-Ignore option activated shown as a tree structure in ignore list
- comments are now supported for ignored users
- last-hit time display for ignored users, with color changes for active entries
- contact-list icons changed slightly to differentiate offline users
- new icon for users that are ignored by IP only and not by key
- several refinements to results display in main file search view
- sorting search view by user column will push ignored entries to the bottom
- added .m4a to audio file type extensions
- in channels list, search view, and transfers view, support ctrl-v and ctrl-c to cut and paste links
- configuration file directory on Linux build now defaults to ~/.config/fopnu on new installations
- new command-line switches to control configuration directory location
- support fopnu_local_instance_check.txt in stand-alone exe folder to allow multiple instances
- several minor fixes to GUI controls in Linux/Windows builds
- all editbox maximum-lengths are now correctly enforced on UTF8 strings containing multi-byte characters
- fixed single and multi-line text editbox default colors to prevent problems when using dark host-OS themes
- fixed problem with background colors of disabled treeview / listview controls
- program exit procedures refined and tuned for quick process exit
- fixed problems with pane-divider position save/restore between sessions
- fixed problems with delayed window close upon app quit in GTK builds
- fixed minor problems with auto-shutdown feature
- several refinements to control spacing and border-widths in all program windows
- fixed crash when balloon notification in OS is clicked after a channel has been removed
- fixed crash when library is hashing a file that is abruptly deleted
- fixed rare crash when sorting by B/s in transfers view
- fixed rare crash that happens when a disk-cached library hash field is missing

Thanks for using Fopnu!

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