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[Feature Request] Sort Transfer by Originating Sender(s)

by Guest on 2022/10/23 11:35:03 AM    
I'd like to request the feature of being able to sort your transfers based on who is sending the file. This would make it easier to decide what transfers to "resume" once one has completed.

If I'm downloading 7 things from 1 user they will be much slower than if I pause 6 of them so that I can finish one quicker. At this point I'd like to be able to see which of my transfers are from the same person so I can resume one of the other remaining 6.

I'm not exactly sure how it would sort transfers coming from more than one person. Perhaps those would be best sorted either to the top or bottom.

Currently I have to do much manual work to try to determine which transfer to resume.

I love the software, Thanks!

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