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[Feature Request] Per Transfer Bandwidth Control

by Guest on 2022/11/01 11:08:34 AM    
I'd like to be able to limit the incoming speed of individual transfers (e.g. as offered by Tixati).

I find I often have a transfer that is very important to me, but it's not frequently available, so I always leave it as active so that when it is available it will resume.

Although I also have several other transfers that are of readily available files. When I start the transfers for the files that are readily available they use up all available bandwidth, which is great, but when the file that's not usually available becomes available, it will start downloading, but much slower than if I were to stop the other transfers. I've experimented with this and for me this has proven true every time. I've even tried setting the priority of the transfer that's not usually available ro 10x and then of any other transfer I initiate at 2% and it still doesn't matter.

In short I'd like to be able to pick the amount of bandwidth I allow for each incoming transfer if I so choose. Something similar for the sending of files would also prove useful in some situations.

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