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[BUG] Fopnu cannot find the shared files/folders

by Guest on 2017/08/27 05:23:32 AM    

I have two 4tb USB3 HDDs, both having about 2tb of files that I would like to share. I added dozen folders to my library and after hashing them, I had almost 4tb (180k) files shared.

Now Fopnu finds and connects to those shared folders, but it has lost the files in them, or about half of them. Most shared folders have lost files, some report zero files. Refresh doesnt help, full restart doesnt help. I removed the "No rehash" option, but it didnt help.

I can open those folder through Fopnu, and open the files that Fopnu no more finds. I have "other" files crossed in those folder, and that option hasnt changed.

Deleting setup files would propably fix the problem, but rehashing 4tb is something I really dont want to do if there is any possibility to get this fixed.

I have Fopnu 1.18 running in Ubuntu 17.04 64bit.
by AyrA on 2017/08/28 03:43:19 AM    
I have the same issue. v1.18 on W7 x64.

I have two directories shared. One is the Download directory. It contains a few files and folders. Some directories randomly disappear after a while. Renaming a file in one of the subdirectories brings back some of the directories that Fopnu will not find otherwise.

The other shared directory only contains files in subdirectories. It's still shown as empty.
by Guest on 2017/08/28 09:36:15 PM    
what type of files do these folders contain?
are the missing files all of the same type?
perhaps you need to check on 'text' or 'images' for the file types.
by AyrA on 2017/08/30 12:37:50 AM    
It is not file type specific in my case. There is stuff missing from all types: text files, applications, archives, images, videos, etc
by Guest on 2017/08/30 01:48:57 PM    
I'm having the exact same problem as AryA .I checked all file type boxes but the library won't complete with many files missing
Refreshing does not remedy the problem.
by Guest on 2017/08/30 02:12:12 PM    
I lost half of my 4tb/200k files library. It had all possible types of files.
by Guest on 2017/09/02 07:13:27 AM    
Same problem here with folders that contains only folders.
If a folder contains no file then library stops and ignore sub folders.

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